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About Laura:
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I haven't always been a bookworm extraordinaire. There was a time when I was younger (I don't actually remember this time, but my mom assures me it exists) when I didn't read a lot. I read some books (mostly Wishbone and The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley), but I never sought out any other books on my own. However, that all changed when I read along to Jim Dale's audiobooks of Harry Potter (I read along with the audiobooks because my mom thought it would be easier for me, at such a young age, to get a better handle on reading if I saw the words as they were being read to me because they were beyond my skill level). Like most kids in my generation reading Harry Potter opened my eyes to literature. Since then I have been trying to fill the hole Harry left in my heart. I tell you this because to understand me you have to know about my passion for that heroic black-haired, skinny wizard with glasses and a lightning scar. So many things about me have stem from my love of JK Rowling's amazing novels: my acceptance of having glasses, my understanding of the world, my perpetual lack of money due to my never ending search for merchandise and first editions, my ability to love myself for who I am and love the people around me, and of course my love of books specifically children's literature. 

I graduated in 2010 from High School with a diploma in Biochemical Technology (which was quite hard to get because during that time I realized that I apparently have a mysterious block on my mind that leads to my general misunderstanding of chemistry no matter how simply its explained to me). I graduated as an English Major with a Minor in American History at Buffalo State College in 2014! Most people when I tell them this ask if I want to be a teacher. The answer is NO. I'm the wrong person for that job. 

I currently work as a Senior Page in the Stacks department of my local library. I love my job, but I will not be there forever. After I graduated with my English degree I realized that I actually don't want to spend my life working in publishing like I originally thought. The closest I want to work with book is this blog. This blog is my hobby, not my life's work, but even so I am proud of it. I want to travel, I want to read, I want to work with animals. I guess if life teaches you anything it's that you can do everything you want to as long as you work hard enough, I'm kind of living proof of that.

Fun Facts: 

  • When I first started this blog I actually used a pseudonym: Rory Wilson! That is why on my older blogs I signed off as Rory, it's an homage to Rory Gilmore of the Gilmore Girls, and the last name Wilson is taken from Grant Wilson from TAPS, of SyFy's Ghost Hunters fame! Don't laugh, he's my favorite and when I originally thought of the name I was playing some Ghost Game and we needed an alias. Grant was the first person to come to mind.
  • I collect Bookmarks! I'm actually trying to break the world record (which is like 90,000 something, I have close to 500). So if you would like to help promote your book/ help me with my goal I will gladly accept bookmarks! (You will receive my never ending gratitude and love if you so, no lie.)
  • I have my own personal library! As in I have a room in my house that has all my books on shelves in an orderly system! As of right now it is organized in my own weird way. The top 2 of each shelving unit is devoted to my favorites. As you work your way down the shelves they are arranged in a multitude of genres from mystery to ghost books and retellings to all of my textbooks from college.  
  • I volunteer at my local SPCA's wildlife department. I'm training to be a wildlife rehabilitator. I want to one day open my own wildlife center that helps sick and orphaned animals in my area. I love it. It is truly the only thing I can see myself doing day in and day out (besides reading and traveling of course)! There's a lot of poop involved, but helping an animal will always be worth it!
  • I want to travel the world. And by world I mean at least the United States, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.  I WILL TRAVEL THERE. And, God willing, I have enough time and money I will travel the rest of the world as well. I figured I should start small with just 3 big hunks of earth instead of the whole thing right away.
  • I have a thing for famous graves. Besides the legacies they left behind, graves are the only thing we have of the famous of history. I'd like to try to get pictures near all of my favorite dead author's graves. 

Contact Me:

  • email me at Littlewood10@aol.com (subject line BWE, please)

Thank you so much for your support. I couldn't have made this Bookworm Extraordinaire the blog it is today without you.