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About Bookworm Extraordinaire:
I started this blog on January 2nd, 2009 as a way to share my thoughts on the Young Adult books that I was reading. Bookworm Extraordinaire started because I loved Young Adult Literature and I wanted to help spread the word about books that should have been taking the world by storm but weren't because they were considered "kid's books."  I also created it so I could tell people at school to just go read my review of a book instead of asking me in person what I thought of it. I find that almost everything is easier for me if I can write it and then share it with people, this way eliminates face-to-face conversations, but also allows me to open up more. I never expected this little blog to take off the way it has. I am still surprised that through this blog I have met friends, authors, publicists, and more. I never expected Publishers and Authors to send me their books because they wanted my opinion on it. It amazes me that people care what an awkward woman in Western New York thinks about books. However, I've decided not to limit myself to Young Adult books anymore because my reading list has become more diverse as I grow older and discover more and more books of both Adult and Children's literature through my work at my local library. 

 I enjoy reading fantasy, paranormal, "chick-lit," romance, historical fiction, literary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, classics, and anything that addresses real issues that affect kids. Sometimes, I will read science fiction but only if it sounds really interesting.

Before I decided to expand this blog to include my travels as well I had pages for things such as the book signings I had been to and the accomplishments I had achieved in the YA book blog world. I've decided to turn those into blogs and link them here. 

Navigating my Reviews:
Before the expansion I had a masterpost page with links to all the reviews I've written in alphabetical order. It was a pain to keep up with and I often found that it was the reason I stopped enjoying my work. I was also told by several readers that it would be easier for them if instead of an alphabetical list I had a ratings list. I decided to start tagging each review with the number of hearts it received according to my rating system (which is posted in the sidebar). Since the expansion I have also started reviewing more than just YA books and so I have also tagged each review with the genre. This is so that one can browse by either ratings or genre, depending on which they feel more comfortable with. All of my reviews are also tagged "Review," so that they can be kept separate from my travel posts and other posts. 

Review Policy:
I am not a professional reviewer, I do not get paid and I don't accept money for my reviews. This blog is strictly for fun. I write reviews for my friends and anyone else who happens to find this blog and is looking for a good  book to read next. 

***All the reviews I post here are written by me and only me. I write about what I think about the book in question in my own words and no one else's. I do not accept guest posts from authors, I'm sorry.

At this time I am not accepting review requests. I have a steady relationship with a few publishers and they are keeping me quite busy at the moment.

I will however accept any swag (bookmarks, buttons, ect) to help promote your book. 

If you want me to review your/your client's book or want to send swag just email me at Littlewood10(at)aol(dot)com, please include a small summary about your book, and if I'm interested I'll send you my address. 

My reviews include the title, the author, the release date, the publisher, the age group, the number of pages, where I got it, other titles in the series or if its a stand alone, whether its part of one of my challenges, the book's summary* and my review of it. 

*Most if not all reviews posted before January 1st, 2011 have summaries taken from unless otherwise indicated. All reviews after January 1st, 2011 will be taken from 

Disclosure: Almost all of the books I receive for review are provided by the publisher or the author. And as I stated above, I do not accept/receive monetary compensation for my reviews.