Review: Doctor Illuminatus- Martin Booth

Sunday, February 1, 2009

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This book was recommended to me by my friend Teakup at school.

Title: Doctor Illuminatus

Author: Martin Booth

Summary (not from book):Pip and her twin brother, Tim, awaken an alchemist's son from a centuries-long slumber when their family moves to an old English country estate, and he enlists them in the fight against an evil alchemist who seeks to create a homunculus.

My Review: To quote Eoin Colfer "I love this book"! I read it in 3 hours, it is a short read and perfect for someone who dosn't like commiting to long fantasy books. There's a lot of alchemy in it so if you like science you'll like it, if you don't (like me) you'll still like it if you like fantasy books. I plan on reading the sequel soon, which hear tell is even better.

Sorry this is so short but it really is only like 170 pages or so.

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Laina said...

I looooove these books. The sequel is great too.