Your Blog Is Fabulous Award (aka My First Award!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Guess What? I won my very first book blog award!

Your Blog Is Fabulous Award
I received the Your Blog Is Fabulous Award from Dani of Confessions of A Romance Book Addict (!!
When I first entered this crazy world f blogging Dani Helped me out A LOT! She's still helping me (if your reading this...thanks for the invite to random buzzers!!!)
So, Now it's time to make someone else's blog as fabulous as ours!
Rules are: Write 5 things I am addicted to and then nominate 5 other blogs to pass this award on to!
5 Things I'm Addicted to:
1) Books- well duh, I wouldn't have a blog fab or not if I wasn't totally addicted to books!
2) Movies- I have TONS of movies. I'm currently addicted to Moulin Rouge (and Ewan McGregor- dang that man can sing!).
3) TV- Sad, but true. I am addicted to Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, West Wing, CSI, Moonlight, Pushing Daisies, NCIS, Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Hunters International!
4) Food- well who isn't, but right now I'm addicted to salad made with those spinach leaves(but I hate cooked spinach or any other spinach)!
5) Bookmarks- serious addiction happening here! This should really be higher up like 2 or something. I have a little over a hundred now (I want to break the world record which is ridiculous at like 90,000!) so if you have some pass them my way, hehehe!

5 Blogs I Nominate For This Award:

TADA!! There You Go! Congrats to ALL!
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Anonymous said...

Congrats! You deserved it!

danie88 said...

You're welcome Rory! You deserve it! :D