Review: Confessions of a First Daughter By Cassidy Calloway

Sunday, January 17, 2010

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I'm a huge fan of things that deal with the White House, I guess that's a good way to describe it. But this only goes for literature and TV, I could care less about what happens in This White House, the one before it, or even the one that will come next.
Examples of White House-y things that I love are: The West Wing TV show as well as Meg Cabot's All-American Girl and it's sequel, Ready Or Not.
So this book looked like just my thing.

Title: Confessions of a First Daughter
Author: Cassidy Calloway

Imagine that you had to pretend to be your mom for a day at her work...Not so bad, I mean what could go wrong? Now imagine that the place you had to fill in for her was HERE...
That's right, The White House...the place where the PRESIDENT makes all those important, world changing decisions. Well? Are you a bit panicy now? Don't think you could handle all that pressure? This book is about Morgan Abbott and how she did just that.
My Review:
I would re-read this book a million times if I could! It was soo funny and cute. There was an equal about of seriousness and laughter. More than once I was laughing so hard, I started to cry, or I was 'AAWWWWW-ing', which isn't really what you should be doing during Advance Chemisty OR Precalc, but I just couldn't put it down for something as mundane as math. It's a feel good book, but also a Girl Power book because the president in THIS book is a woman-- Can you say WOOHOO!? It's a small, fast read. While I was reading it I tried to put myself in the main characters position... a girl who is just trying to find her niche, but it's made hard because she's the Daughter of the Leader of the Free World which means Secret Service...ALL THE TIME. That alone would drive me crazy, but add in being a klutz and having every screw up on national TV? Well, I would just break down and hide in the Mural Room until my Mom's term was over. I admire how Morgan handled her situation and did all that she could to help her Mom. I recomend this book to any girl (or boy) who wants a good laugh. =)


Kd said...

I like this one too :D it def. made me laugh! It was a really cute story.