Review: Elixir by Hilary Duff

Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Hilary Duff? THE Hilary Duff? Why yes, that Hilary Duff.

Title: Elixir
Author: Hilary Duff

Summary (B& Clea Raymond lives an extraordinary life. The daughter of renowned surgeon and a prominent Washington DC figure, she has been in the spotlight her entire life. Followed by the paparazzi, she resents the attention that is lavished on her for her looks alone because she has so much more to offer Clea Raymond has a unique gift. A proficient photographer, in all her pictures, there is little something extra, and it's not just a result of her talented eye. There is always an extra photo that she didn't take. And, as she discovered at a young age, those photos always lead to a place where some tragedy is about to occur that Clea can prevent. Two years ago, her father disappeared while on a humanitarian mission and is presumed dead, but that doesn't stop Clea and her mother from continuing to do good throughout the world. On one such trip to Columbia, she meets Race, the guide for the trip. She feels a connection to him but cannot explain why. Was it something in their past or possibly in their past lives? Whatever has brought them together is threatening to tear them apart forever. As the mystery of her father's disappearance unravels, Clea discover that she has powers that are bigger than anything she could have anticipated.

My Review: I’ve loved Hilary Duff since she was Lizzie Maguire on Disney (laugh if you will, I don’t care). I love her music, her movies and I LOVE her book! I wasn’t sure I would like this book because I was afraid that if it sucked I would think differently of her, but no worries, it was great! I would classify this book as a mystery because that’s what surrounds Clea’s life; mysteries about her father and the guy who somehow ends up in every pictures taken/has been in since she was born. It's also got a supernatural aspect which is where the title comes from! I’ve never read a book that had to do with the fabled elixir of life (other than Harry Potter of course) and I found this super interesting. I have got to say that the only thing I didn’t like about this was the ending. If this isn’t going to be a series the ending was downright awful because it didn’t tie up any of the loose ends. But if it is a series…whoa way to go Hilary! It had a great cliff hanger ending. I liked all the characters, settings, and the plot lines especially if it’s a series. I want to know more about these people and their lives. I really hope so because I know Hilary Duff will do a good job if this one is any indication!