Review: Ironhand by Charlie Fletcher

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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Title: Ironhand
Author: Charlie Fletcher

Release Date: May 20th, 2008
Publisher: Hyperion
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 400 (audio book has 8 parts)
Source: Audio book from Library’s Overdrive Media Console
Series: Stoneheart (#2)
Other Titles in the Series: Stoneheart (#1), Silvertongue (#3)

Summary ( Now that George Chapman has upset the fragile truce between the warring statues of London, he has been drawn into a war that will test his mettle. He and Edie, a glint who can see the past, may have succeeded in their quest to find the Stoneheart, but their journey is far from over.
Edie and the Gunner, a statue of a World War I soldier, have been captured by the Walker, and it's up to George to save them. But first he must deal with the three strange veins, made of marble, bronze and stone, that have begun to grow out of his hand and curl around his wrist. Legend has it that unless he successfully completes three challenges, the veins will continue up his forearm, and eventually pierce through his heart.
As George struggles to find the strength within to face the choice he has made, to take the Hard Way, he is determined to use his power for good--even as others wish to harness it for its great potential for evil.

My Review: Now that we know about George, Edie and their statue friends and foes, Ironhand starts off right where the cliffhanger left us in Stoneheart. I don’t think I can make this review very long because I honestly want to tell you EVERYTHING that happened and just generally gush about it, which would give everything away and you wouldn’t have to even read the book so, yeah, let’s just say that I love this series! The plot of the first novel carries over into this novel brilliantly and adds more plot twists so they can carry over to the next book. What I love about these books is that Fletcher’s writing makes me feel like I *am* in London and that I am the one all these things are happening to. He makes it so you are so caught up in George and Edie’s story that it is literally difficult to put the book down (or in my case, stop listening, as I was listening to the audio book). Read or listen to this series as soon as you can, you won’t regret it!