Half a Decade

Thursday, January 2, 2014

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Hello there, Reader!
On this the day of the 5th anniversary of this blog I have decided to change directions with it.
DON’T PANIC! I will still be posting reviews of YA books (hopefully more frequently but who knows what the New Year will bring), but I don’t just read YA anymore. Since I began working at my local library a year and a half ago I have started reading a lot more adult fiction and even more children’s books (because our system for shelving them is incredibly complicated for adults to comprehend apparently so because I understand the way little kids go searching for books I have become the defacto person in charge of them in my department and I tend to read a lot of them because of this). This change in reading (as well as being a senior in college) has been the number one reason I haven’t updated since last July. I haven’t read a lot of YA books that I wanted to share with you, but there have been plenty of adult novels that I’ve read in the past year that have caught my eye at work or that I read in my classes that I would love to review here. I feel comfortable enough with this blog that I have decided that there is no reason why my blog can’t grow with me, seeing as it is MINE and all. However, please don’t misunderstand me, I am not trying to say that I have “grown out of YA” because that WILL NEVER HAPPEN. YA is in my blood and it is here to stay.
(I am currently in the process of changing my labeling system so that you can search by YA reviews, Adult reviews, Children’s reviews (Middle Grade books and possibly picture books), and Classics reviews.)
The other change is a lot different than just adding new genres to what I will review here on Bookworm Extraordinaire. Recently, I was talking to a Professor of mine about my plans for after I graduate in May. For a while now I have been planning to backpack in Europe a year or so after graduation, but beyond that I only have vague literary ideas about what I will do. My Professor suggested that I just keep up this blog, but not with just reviews, he thinks I should write about my travel experiences as well. I have thought quite a lot about this since he planted the seed and I’ve decided to do it to see how it grows. I travelled quite a bit (by my standards) in 2013 and most of the places I went because either I had read about them or they had a literary connection that I was interested in (and sometimes a historical connection as well. You might not know this but I am just as large a history nerd as I am a Lit nerd, especially with American history). So I’ve decided to post some of my photos and write up some of my experiences. As of right now I will be writing up blogs about New York City, Washington, DC, and Niagara Falls, NY (all visited in 2010) and Baltimore, Salem, and Boston (all visited in 2013).
(I am currently in the process of changing my pages around so that it will be easy to navigate between the Reviews and the Travels).

I can’t believe it has been 5 years since I created this blog. As of today I have reviewed 152 books, which is just INSANE. I sincerely hope that you lovely people will accept the changes that are to take place soon because I am super excited about them!