Thoughts From Places: Ohio (2006)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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My Trip to 

Sandusky/Cleveland, Ohio (2006)

The Cedar Point Ferris Wheel
which I didn't go on because it's HUGE
I went to Cedar Point, the famous Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio and the Cleveland Zoo as a part of a class trip in 8th Grade. Let me start off by saying I hate Amusement Parks. I went on this trip for 3 reasons: I had never gone anywhere before, my best friend was going, and I like zoos. 

I don’t remember a lot from this trip. My strongest memory is my ride on the Raptor, the scariest 2 minutes of my life. There were these rules for the trip that said you could NEVER BE ALONE. Well, being me, the rule abiding kid that I am, I stuck to my best friend’s side like we were handcuffed. My best friend wanted to go on the Raptor and I couldn’t be alone and I couldn’t let her go on by herself so I went on the Raptor. Since then I realized that I could have literally done ANYTHING and I could have avoided it. I could have just stayed VERY close to the exit, I could have found my teachers and hung with them until she got off, ANYTHING, but no I went on the stupid coaster. 

I am afraid of heights and high speeds and I get extremely motion sick. THAT THING WENT UPSIDE DOWN, I have never regretted anything as much as that. Somehow the people operating the ride made sure we took off our shoes but they neglected to say that it would have been a good idea to take my glasses off too. I spent the whole time holding on to them for dear life because if they fell off to their doom I would have never survived (I can barely see a foot in front of me clearly). I also probably would have enjoyed the Raptor more if I couldn’t see how close I was to perishing. Needless to say I looked miserable in that photo they take of everyone while they’re on the ride, I am also apparently the best friend in the world seeing as I risked life, limb and SIGHT for her to have a good time on the ride. The only good thing that came out of my ride on the Raptor is that I can say I went on it and didn't die. I can cross "GO ON TERRIFYING ROLLER COASTER OF DOOM" off my list of things to do, I guess.

          The other (way more enjoyable) half of the trip was a visit to the Cleveland Zoo. I think I was the only one who was excited for this part. I don’t remember much of it at all. I remember seeing a tiger and some polar bears, and seeing flamingos and a bald eagle in real life for the first time. I bought an adorable little stuffed tiger that I named Justin after one of my friends who I was in my group and who really liked the tiger too. I really wish I remember more from the zoo because I love animals. I should have written down my memories at the end of each day. 
I remember random bits and pieces from the trip as well; laughing with my favorite gym teacher because he got so sunburned he looked like a lobster; a bowling party we had (maybe in the hotel itself because I don’t remember leaving the hotel); a kid doing the worm in the middle of the alley. I remember that some of the boys sitting in the hotel stair way with their legs dangling down; worrying that a kid got left behind at the park 
(they were fine, they went to the bathroom at the wrong time); what seemed like the longest bus ride of my life. I remember the sense of semi-freedom that comes from being away from home; of staying up late with friends in a hotel room for the first time; of having fun with my best friend in a foreign place! I am really glad that I went on that trip. I remember the excitement that led up to the trip. I remember going with my mom to buy a suitcase (a great ugly pink one). I still have that suitcase. It has gone on every trip (except Salem/Boston). I turned it into the "Travelling Suitcase" and wrote every place it had visited (inspired by the Sisterhood of Travelling Pants). I remember getting a ton of those little travel sized shampoos and stuff for no reason.  
I may not remember a lot of the specifics from my trip to Ohio, but I remember enough to know that I had fun (except on that coaster, which was just the worst). Maybe one day I will go back to the Zoo.
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