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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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Bookmarks Left Behind Collection

The bookmarks left behind. This photo doesn't do this collection justice. There are at least 100 diverse bookmarks, but most of them are covered.

The bookmarks in this ever expanding collection are extremely diverse and always random. The bookmarks in this collection have all been left behind by their original owners in the library books they returned. I found some of them, but most of them were found by my pages who gave them to me because I brainwashed them into it (as I trained each of the new pages I would tell them of our Wall of Stuff. Anything cool that was left behind by patrons gets put on the wall EXCEPT bookmarks which come directly to me for my collection. All of my pages are rather eager for me to have the World Record)! 

Animal bookmarks found
Unique bookmarks found

  • 4 bookmarks that feature Animal Preservation Charities
  • Tiny lion magnet bookmark
  • King Tut papyrus bookmark
  • 1939 important dates bookmark
  • Wizard bookmark

My favorite bookmarks found in library books!

  • Glinda bookmark- This was the first bookmark that I was ever given at the Library back when I myself was still a page!
  • The Great Gatsby movie bookmark
  • The Kiss (VJ-Day 1945 NYC) bookmark- This is my favorite bookmark of this collection, it was given to me by one of our pages, Tess who knew I loved this photo as well as bookmarks!
  • Daisy bookmark- I love this one because daisies are my favorite flower, also because it has glitter!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my collection of the bookmarks left behind!
If you'd like to see more of my bookmarks, check out the bookmarks label!