Thoughts From Places: Niagara Falls, NY (2009)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

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My Trip to Niagara Falls, NY

Before 2009 I had never been to the Falls. When I told my best friends this they immediately started planning a day trip because they thought that it was ridiculous that I hadn’t been even though we live approximately 25 minutes away from one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. 

We started off the day by getting there in one piece. This was the first time my friends and I had gone on an adventure together and we took a slightly scenic route getting there after we took the wrong exit, but we did get there!

Since the main goal of this trip was for me to SEE the Falls we didn’t do the really touristy things. We saved the classic Niagara Falls experiences, such as the Maid of the Mist or the Cave of the Winds tour, for another time.

First we went and walked over to the Falls. The vantage point from the American side isn’t as good apparently as the Canadian side, but it didn’t matter to me, it was still amazing. I couldn’t believe that so much water could go that fast. I could just see the power rushing down the river and then down the Falls. I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to see it.

Next we went walking through Niagara Falls State Park (because we could only stare at a bunch of water for so long no matter how magnificent). We went in autumn so the trees were changing and everything looked picture perfect.

Can you spot the Bride?
Our goal was to go to Goat Island because we thought the name was funny. On the walk there we saw a wedding party taking pictures in the woods. We didn’t know they were there until we met them at Goat Island but when I looked at the photos I had taken on the walk there I realized that I had accidently got a photo of the bride as the photographer was about to take her photo!

Goat Island wasn’t actually as exciting as its name suggests, it was just more woods but we did follow a black squirrel for a while and my friends ventured onto the rocks while I stayed safely on the path just in case they met their dooms.

We also went to the Niagara Falls Hard Rock Café. It was the first time I had gone to one of those as well. It was exciting to see all of the rock n’ roll memorabilia that the Hard Rock Cafés house. Anne and I have since visited the Cafés in NYC and Baltimore, it’s become our tradition. To wrap up our day we went to the Niagara Fashion Outlet, where Rachel tried on a $400 hat and I was convinced we were going to get arrested for even looking at something that expensive let alone trying it on!

I don’t think I can ever fully express to my friends how much this trip meant to me. It was this, among many other instances, which caused me to believe that they would be my best friends forever. I mean who else would plan an adventure to Niagara Falls just because their friend hadn’t been yet. I am so glad that my first trip there was with them (coincidentally the three of us went back to Niagara Falls a couple years later to visit the Niagara Aquarium and we plan to go to Canada this year so I can see the Falls from the Canadian side too. The Falls will always be our go to place for adventure)!