HPA's Esther Day Project

Saturday, July 5, 2014

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Llama George sees TFIOS
On June 5th, I received an email from the Harry Potter Alliance about the Esther Day Project. The main idea was "if you’re seeing The Fault in Our Stars, take a selfie or a picture with your friends making the shape of a heart with your hands. Tag your photos #EstherDay wherever you upload them." So when my cousin Kelly and I went to see the movie later that day we took a photo in front of the poster outside the theater. I also took a picture of Llama George, as well.

Who is Esther and why are you doing this? Well, Esther was a nerdfighter who semi-inspired John Green to finish writing his book about a girl with cancer. Why would she inspire him to do so? Because she had cancer. In fact, she died from it in 2010 at the age of 16. Before her passing, however, John told her that he and his army of nerds would celebrate her birthday (August 3rd) every year. John asked her what she wished the holiday to be about and she suggested a day devoted to telling those you love in a non-romantic way that you love them (ie: family and friends).

Kelly and I before TFIOS!
I am particularly felt that the Esther Day Project surrounding TFIOS was appropriate on a personal level because I was seeing the movie with someone I don't necessary express my love of her all the time (mostly because we are very awkward people. Um, hi Kelly! I love you lots just so you know!). I am so glad that I got to experience the movie premiere with her. She is the only fellow nerdfighter I know (because I forced it upon her) so she was the only one who understood how important it was that we stand in front of a poster and figure out how to do heart hands while also taking a picture of ourselves.

I decided to post this in July, instead of June because I figured that most people would be but I believe that the Esther Day Project shouldn't just be concentrated in June, but for as long as people are going to see TFIOS.  I hope this reminds people who haven't seen it yet or those who didn't know about it to add their own photos!