Launch of Wanderlust Fuel!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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wan·der·lust: noun, a strong desire to travel. 

With this post I am launching a new series here on Bookworm Extraordinaire called Wanderlust Fuel! The idea behind it is to round up all the things, be it book or movie or something else, that have inspired me to visit the places that they feature. For example, Wanderlust Fuel will list things such as how The Lord of the Rings has inspired me to plan a future trip to New Zealand and how Harry Potter has inspired my mighty need to go to the UK.

These posts will vary. Some may detail why one particular book inspired me to go to a single city, or how a variety of things set me on a journey across a particular country! Some places like London or New York City may end up having multiple posts because there have been so many things that have fueled my need to visit them.

I encourage my readers to join me in this series! Feel free to comment below each post with the things that made you want to visit the featured city or country, or even suggest things that can fuel my wanderlust to other places!

I’m really excited to begin Wanderlust Fuel and I hope you enjoy this new series!