Wanderlust Fuel: London Part One

Friday, September 11, 2015

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13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson After receiving all 13 little blue envelopes from NYC Ginny’s first stop and last stop on her European adventure is to London, where she meets Richard and Keith, and has her life changed irreversibly.
  • Harrods- my first stop when I go to London has to be Harrods because of this book. I also might try to eat at Mo’s Diner where Richard tells Ginny the story of how he had to bag up the Queen’s pants. And I’m going to search for the chocolate counter and dog coat fitting!
  • Covent Gardens- where Richard tells Ginny to find her artist.
  • ‘Look Left’ crosswalks- as silly as this sounds I can’t wait to see one because in the book Ginny originally doesn’t, almost gets hit by a car, sees the sign, and says “it’s like they know me.” I think that that’s probably going to happen to me at some point.

Sherlock Holmes- In all his many forms, from page to screen he inspires me to wander around London. 

  • The Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street- for obvious reasons.
  • Speedy’s Café- BBC’s Sherlock’s 221B door is right next door. 
  • St. Bartholomew’s Hospital- Because of the Fall of course! 
  • The Sherlock Holmes Pub- mostly because it shares the name. 
  • Russell Square Gardens- where BBC’s John and Stamford met up.
  • New Scotland Yard- where Lestrade does his business 
  • South Bank Skate Park- where BBC’s Sherlock and John look for the cipher in ‘The Blind Banker. 
  • Chinatown- where BBC’s Sherlock and John search for Soo Lin

The Infernal Devices- Cassandra Clare’s trilogy that brings Victorian London back to life with a supernatural twist.

  •  Hatchards- London’s oldest Book Shop where Will bought Tessa a copy of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ 
  • Blackfriars Bridge- where Jem and Tessa would meet.

William Shakespeare- the Bard who is so hardwired into English culture that for me to think of one is to think of the other.
  •  The Globe- even though it is just a reconstruction since the real one burnt down I don’t care. This is so incredibly cool and there is no way I will miss it. No respectable Shakespearean scholar would pass up this chance.
  •  The George Inn- where Shakespeare probably went during his time.
  • Southwark Cathedral- here there is a statue and a stain glass window honoring the Bard and many of the players of Shakespeare’s time are buried here such as Will Kemp and Philip Henslowe.
  • Westminster Abbey- also has a statue honoring Shakespeare.
  • British Library- here they have another statue of Shakespeare, as well as a copy of his First Folio (this would be the second copy I would see!).