Get Ready For Some Book Hunting Adventures!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

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Introducing Bookworm Extraordinaire’s

 Book Hunting Adventures

This new feature on BWE is inspired by R.S. Garnett’s 1931 Some Book-Hunting Adventures in which he relates his own tales of scouring the shops for that perfect find. As I related in my review of it, I found this book quite by chance as I was in the stacks of my library in August. As I read it the idea of this series began to worm its way into my brain. Garnett had some pretty interesting tales about how he came into his books and the more I thought about I realized that I get my books in some strange places. Everywhere from thrift stores to a sketchy old man under a bridge my books have come to me in odd ways. BWE’s Book Hunting Adventures is going to be a new series in which I share my stories with my readers. I hope my Book Hunting Adventures amuse and inspire you as much as Garnett’s did me.