Review: Haunted- Judith St. George

Sunday, February 22, 2009

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This Review will be short and sweet...and to the point!

Title: Haunted

Author: Judith St. George

Summary: When sixteen-year-old Alex accepts a summer job as caretaker of an old mansion, he thinks it'll be a breeze—he plans to lay by the pool, drive around in a nice car, and meet girls. But the moment he sees the sinister-looking house he remembers why he's there: a murder suicide has left it empty and it's his job to look after things until the new owner arrives. Alone on the sprawling property, Alex becomes the victim of strange, unexplainable events and he soon realizes something is horribly wrong. He knows he is being sucked into an uncontrollable situation—a terrifying battle between two ghosts—and there seems to be no way out.

My Review: I've read this several times after I purchased it from Walden Books in the 6th grade (I'm a junior in HS now, BTW). This book is so small, but It packs a suspenseful punch. It will raise the smallest hairs on your neck! Every time I read it I still get freaked out even though I know it's going to happen which for me is a high compliment. I recommend this to EVERYONE!! I honestly don't think anyone's review would give this book justice. I demand everyone to hunt down this book and devourer it very soon!

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The Book Gobbler said...

Well said - sounds like a real page-turner! I shall hunt down this book and add it to my 'to be gobbled' pile right away!


Amy said...

looks like a good thriller, though i'm not into mysteries much...