Review: The Opposite of Invisible- Liz Gallagher

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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It seems like I've been reading like a book a day lately, but that's going to be stopping as the book I'm reading now is more than 200 pages long.

Title: The Opposite of Invisible

Author: Liz Gallagher

Summary: Alice and Jewel have been best friends since grade school. Together, they don’t need anyone else, and together they blend into the background of high school. Invisible. To Alice, Jewel is the opposite of invisible. Jewel is her best friend who goes to Indie concerts and art shows with her. Jewel scoffs at school dances with her. Alice is so comfortable around Jewel that she can talk to him about almost anything. But she can’t tell him that she likes the cool, popular Simon. And then Simon asks her to the school dance the same day that Jewel kisses her for the first time. Still, she can’t say no to Simon. He seems like the easy choice, the one she’s attracted to, the one she’s ready for. But will it mean losing Jewel? In a bright debut novel set against the lively backdrop of Seattle, Alice must learn the difference between love and a crush, and what it means to be yourself when you’re not sure who that is yet.

My Review: This book wasn't exactly what I expected (a cute story that was short, sweet and simple) it was more. I felt totally connected with the main character Alice. It was like I was Her. The more I kept reading the more I found that I wanted to be her friend because we had so much in common. I didn't expect to be the main character is what I'm really saying. It was creepy the stuff we had in common. I know I'm repeating myself That's really all I have to say. I would recommend this to every really shy girl out there who doesn't want to be invisible anymore.

If you're a shy girl (or boy or anyone else for that matter) who has read this book, comment me and tell me if you feel the same way I do.
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