Not According to Plan...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

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So, my Big plan of catching up on my reviews didn't exactly go as planned...due to a little thing called facebook. =] Since that post I have developed an addiction to that evil website. I have read some more and I 'plan' on doing a bulk review of those books.

The bulk review will be up hopefully within the week, but don't bet on that. I still have my required summer reading for Advance Placement Literature (The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Awakening by Kate Chopin). Oh and my required reading for Social Studies, Animal Farm by George Orwell. I just finished it and let me tell you it's a strange book, my friend. In addition, as part of the APL summer homework I have to go to 'Shakespeare in Delaware Park'. The plays this year were The Tempest and Julius Caesar. The Tempest was awesome and Julius Caesar could have been a tad better, but then again I read the play Sophomore year so I wasn't exactly suprised. Have any of you seen them? Did you like them? Do you like Shakespeare in general? Have you ever read anything by him?

Other than that my summer's been awesome. Very busy, but awesome none the less. I got a new camera for my 17th birthday so I've been taking tons of photos (I took the one of the sky up there =] ). I've been to more concerts this summer altogether than I had my whole life (Nickleback/ Saving Abel/ Papa Roach/ Hinder, Creed/ Junction Five/ Like A Storm (I met them at their meet and greet, they are all so cute, funny and talented. They signed their cd and a poster for me), and next week Fall Out Boy/ Panic! at the Disco/ Blink- 182). Added to the excitement was the new Harry Potter movie. I was able to go to the July 13th premiere in Buffalo, then I went to a midnight showing with my family, then I saw it twice more just that week alone. I dyed some of my hair, which was not like me at all, I downloaded this music thing so I have loads of new bands to love. If you add the amazing youtube which has TAI TV and Cobra Cam (webisodes from two of my favorite bands, The Academy is... and Cobra Starship), Bandom Fan Fiction and completely random times with friends I'm surprised I haven't been hospitalized let alone have time to read so much as one book not to mention reviewing them.

Basically all that waffle above is my way of saying...Sorry for the Haitus but I'm back!!!

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Kd said...

haha don't worry about it :D I just got back too from a very busy summer and havn't posted for a month! :D