Review: Alyzon Whitestarr By Isobelle Carmody

Saturday, January 2, 2010

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I just finished this about an hour ago...
Title: Alyzon Whitestarr
Author: Isobelle Carmody

My Review:
I have very mixed opinions on this book, partly because it took me so long to finish it. In my mind, the better the book the faster I read it. I started this book around December 16th give or take a few days. True, this book is 501 pages, but for me that's nothing. The plot was at times extremely confusing, at school people asked me "Hey, what's that about?" (usually my friends just grab the book and read the summary on the back/front inside cover...but nope there wasn't a summary [except that one on the copyright page which is the one I usually read, but it failed to deliver] just a quote from the novel which was vague), even halfway through the book I could not answer that question. I'm actually still at a loss when it comes right down to it.

The plot changed direction several times very quickly while never fully summing up what it just left. More than once, a character was mentioned and I couldn't remember what they had done before in the plot or if they were even mentioned before. The plot when it was steady seemed to drag on a bit.
I followed the most major plot line to an extent...where Alyzon has extended senses..."OK...I get that, but why are you making such a huge deal about it...calm it down there." The other line with this whole sickness that she could smell...just no. It wasn't thought out. The author had it going in so many different directions at one time, the characters had 'finally understood the sickness/wrongness' about 3 times every other chapter, the theories getting more ridiculous and harder to understand by the chapter.

The only bright spots was Harrison and Da. They made me keep reading. Da because he was such a good father to his children...always worried when he needed to be and loved his kids above and beyond. Harrison was a funny, sweet, and kind character who looked out for Alyzon.
Overall I give this book two hearts because it wasn't Steller, but I didn't throw it at the wall which is saying a lot.