Review: Far from You- Lisa Schroeder

Friday, January 1, 2010

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The first Review of 2010...

Title: Far From You
Author: Lisa Schroeder

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My Review:
I usually do not like books written in verse... but this an exception. It was beautifully written and it sucked me in from page one. And yes, its a tear-jerker, but in a good way. I give props to Lisa Schroeder, I would lose my mind writting anything at such length in verse. *High five*. It's so easy to connect with main character Alice, even if you have nothing in common with her, like me. That for me is why its powerful, I was let in to Alice's world. A world where her mom died, and her dad remarried a woman who Alice hasn't connect with yet, who he's having a child with. I don't know that kind of pain, but feel as if I know a little more about it now that I've read this book. It's an emotional read that would help anyone and everyone cope with new and lost family members and re-connecting with the ones you love.

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