Review: Devilish by Maureen Johnson

Monday, July 19, 2010

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So I started reading this book right after I posted my last review and finished it about two hours ago….

Title: Devilish
Author: Maureen Johnson

Summary (B&
The only thing that makes St. Teresa's Preparatory School for Girls bearable for Jane is her best friend Ally. But when Ally changes into a whole different person literally overnight the fall of their senior year, Jane's suddenly alone--and very confused.
Turns out, Ally has sold her soul in exchange for popularity--to a devil masquerading as a sophomore at St. Teresa's! Now it's up to Jane to put it all on the line to save her friend from this ponytail-wearing, cupcakenibbling demon . . . without losing her own soul in the process.
This YA take on Faust in a Catholic girls' high school is clever, fun, and full of tasty surprises.

My Review: This is the fourth Maureen Johnson book I’ve read and sadly this is not my favorite, but it's not bad! It's just not exactly her best work. I still think everyone should read it though especially if you’re a Maureen Johnson fan (which I am, and the reason I read it). I expected this book to be a lot darker than it was being a re-telling of the Faust Bargain, but it was just a light fun book. It's great for if you’re just looking for a quick one day read. It was a little weird at times though…I had my own personal “WTH?” moment during chapter 26 when the plot took a twist. But in full MJ style I was laughing hysterically during the next chapter! What bothered me what the cliffhanger ending…yeah now I want another book….authors have got to stop doing that to me. :D