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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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As you probably know I am trying to beat the World Record for Largest Collection of Bookmarks. The current record holder is Frank Divendal from the Netherlands. He has 103,009 different bookmarks from all over the world, as of February 8th, 2010. As of this post (January 2014) I have 493 bookmarks in my collection! I have am no where close but I like to have goals!

This is a photo of the box I keep all my bookmarks in!

I organize my bookmarks into individual collections:

Smaller Collections (In-depth look below):
  • Metal
  • Bookshops
  • READ
  • Bookish                          
  • Movies/TV
  • Magnet
  • Clips
  • Wooden

Larger Collections (these will have individual blogs because they are my favorites and thus need more attention. Links will be embedded within this post when those blogs are complete):

Small Individual Collections

My METAL bookmark collection!
Most of these were gifts. 

My BOOKSHOP bookmarks!
Some of these were found by my pages at work in the books and given to me.

My READ bookmarks!
These consist of free paper bookmarks that are given out at public and school libraries.
90% of these were given to me by my Cousin Kelly!!

My BOOKISH bookmarks!
This collection includes bookmarks that promote books or feature book characters!

My MOVIE/TV bookmarks!
These include bookmarks of movies and shows that are adapted from books, or bookmarks with movie/show characters!

My CLIP bookmarks!

My WOODEN bookmarks!

My MAGNET bookmarks!
These bookmarks open up to clip over the page!

BONUS: this is a picture of my Largest
and Smallest bookmarks!

If you have extra bookmarks lying around collecting dust that you don't want anymore or if you have a book you'd like to promote with bookmarks, send them my way!
Email me at with "bookmarks" as the subject if you'd like to help my collection grow!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my smaller bookmark collections!
Do you collect bookmarks, too?