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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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From Places Collection

My FROM PLACES bookmarks!
(all pictured except the Toronto Zoo bookmark)

The bookmarks in this collection are some of my absolute favorites. Some of them are souvenirs from my travels, and the others are bookmarks that my family bought for me when they went on travels of their own! They are all unique and special and I love them all. 

My Washington, DC bookmarks!
  • Washington silhouette bookmark was a gift from my friends Graham and Kellie
  • Canvas bookmark from Mount Vernon
  • Washington, DC bookmark was a gift from my cousin's trip there in 2013
  • Lincoln Memorial bookmark
  • Smithsonian bookmark from the National Museum of National History
  • Manassas National Battlefield Park Bookmark
  • Hologram Smithsonian bookmark from the National Museum of Air and Space

My Baltimore bookmarks!
  • Ft. McHenry bookmark with charm
  • 3 dolphin bookmarks from the National Aquarium
  • Pratt eLibrary bookmark from the Pratt Library in Baltimore (I went there to see their Poe exhibit, but it wasn't open to the public!)

My Salem and Boston bookmarks!
  • La Japonaise by Claude Monet bookmark bought at MFA Boston
  • Old town Boston map bookmark bought at Old State House in Boston
  • American Revolutionary war bookmark bought at Old State House in Boston
  • Paul Revere bookmark bought at Old State House in Boston
  • Friendship of Salem bookmark bought at Salem Visitor's Centre
  • Salem bookmark bought at one of the witch museums

My random selection of From Places bookmarks!
  • Giraffe Buffalo Zoo bookmark, origin unknown
  • Wooden Buffalo Zoo bookmark bought during a trip there summer 2013 with Anne and Rachel
  • Gettysburg bookmark from my parents trip when I was younger
  • Statue of Liberty bookmark with charm bought during my trip there in 2010
  • Vidler's bookmark bought one of the million times I've gone to the historic East Aurora 5 & 10 store
  • Personalized Florida bookmark that my brother brought back from his honeymoon

Kelly's trip to Europe bookmark collection!
  • Winsor Castle (London) bookmark- this is my favorite bookmark. I use it all the time. It is made of leather and I pretend that it smells like the queen!
  • Prague bookmark
  • Eiffel Tower bookmark
  • Double Decker Bus (London) bookmark
  • Notre Dame bookmark
  • Vienna bookmark

My Toronto Zoo bookmark

  • Toronto Zoo Panda poo bookmark- my cousin Kelly and I both love Pandas so when she went to see them at the Toronto zoo in 2013 she brought me back this panda bookmark! It is made with Panda poop, I am not even joking. I love this bookmark SO MUCH even though no matter how safe the back insists it is I plan on keeping in its nice plastic case!
I hope you enjoyed this tour of my From Places bookmark collection!
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