Llama Extraordinaire

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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It all started with the simple, but strange message: 

"*insert of scary music, Llama George peaks around the corner of a wall during the night, spying on a girl with dark hair and glasses, sitting in her room, waiting for his chance to attack*"

Meet Sir Llama George, my travelling companion.

In the wee hours of a forgotten day at the end of July in 2009 my best friend Ariel and I were Instant Messaging. This was not unusual. It was summer and as such we were allowed to be night owls if we wanted to be. No, what makes that particular conversation important is the semi-imaginary llama that sprung from it. This llama, Llama George to be exact, has been an amazing inside joke between the two of us ever since. I have told others about him (my mom for one understands the Llama just as much as Ariel and I), I have named my personal tumblr after him, I have started writing the adventures of Llama George, I love llamas (and alpacas) because of him and now I shall take this little stuffed Llama George with me on all of my travels. 

The idea came to me as I was perusing my copy of The Lonely Planet Guide to Experimental Travel. It contains a chapter on "Mascot Travel" and all you need is a personal mascot, a camera, and a desire to travel. As I travel locally, nationally, and abroad I will take Llama George with me and take pictures of him in front of famous landmarks and anything else that takes our fancy. I will record my literary and historical travel experience through this extraordinary llama.

~Laura (and Llama George)!