Review: Rare Finds: A Guide to Book Collecting by David and Natalie Bauman

Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Rare Finds: A Guide to Book Collecting by David and Natalie Bauman

Release Date: June 2007
Publisher: Bauman Rare Books
Age Group: Adult Non-Fiction
Pages: 106
Source: Borrowed from Library

Summary ( Rare Finds is a friendly, wide-ranging introduction to the world of rare book collecting. It is intended for those with a budding interest in this exciting field rather than simply professional booksellers and librarians. The guide contains an easy-to-use Glossary as well as sections devoted to Frequently Asked Questions, Book Production, and Format. Lavishly illustrated, it includes chapters on all major collecting areas.

My Review:

I think this is a must have for book collectors and people who might not collect but still love books. I borrowed this from the library and found it so useful that I’m going to buy my own copy. It’s a good introduction to the terms used by book collectors. It offers several categories that are popular among collectors, ranging from Americana to Music and everything in between. I was most interested in the Children’s and regular Literature categories. It has photos of the most prized first editions in the world, many of which I have had the honor of seeing and in some cases holding (for more on this see here). It’s a surreal feeling reading a book about the rarest books in the world and knowing that you’ve actually held it and leafed through its pages and are one of the few in the book world who have had that privilege.