Wanderlust Fuel: London Part Two

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Doctor Who- the quintessential British series has plenty of amazing moments in London.

  • Police Box at Earl’s Court- there is no way a Whovian in London isn’t going to seek out this seemingly harmless box. 
  • Big Ben- from having a Slitheen ship crash into it to a dinosaur pacing near it the famous clock tower is a frequent backdrop for the Doctor’s adventures. 
  • The Who Shop- a shop as well as a museum devoted to all things Doctor Who this is a must visit for all Whovians.

Winning London- The Olsen twins’ movie where they invade England with the Model UN’s tournament.

  • Peter Pan statue in Kensington Garden- James takes Chloe here because it is one of his favorite spots in London. 
  • Guards outside Buckingham Palace- the UN gang tries their hardest to make them laugh to no avail, but uncharacteristically at the climax of the movie one of them helps James find Chloe. 
  • Tower of London- Chloe, Riley, and their friends take a tour of the Tower. Seeing this movie was the first time I was introduced to most un-Harry Potter related London.

Helene Hanff- author of 84 Charing Cross Road, a book of letters between Helene Hanff and the staff at the book shop.

  • Charing Cross Road- of course and all the shops on it. The actual shop, Marks & Co. is long been closed, even Helene never saw it open, but there is a plaque commemorating the spot at 84.
  • Bloomsbury St- in the sequel to 84 called Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, Helene stays on this street at the Kenilworth Hotel when she finally goes to England. 
  • Stephen Poole Fine Books- by the time Helene goes to London the famous Marks & Co bookshop is closed so they hold her autographing session next door here. 
  • Russell Square- Helene spends time in this park during her stay. 
  • Claridge’s- apparently Noel Howard’s characters dine here. I don’t know those references but Helene was super excited to go there so I’m sure it’s worth a visit. 
  • Hear the Sirens- as silly as it sounds I want to hear an ambulance siren in real life because she describes them as “a walrus weeping under water.”

Shades of London- Maureen Johnson’s thrilling series that is full of laughs but is also absolutely terrifying at the same time.

  • Whitechapel- the first book The Name of the Star is about a Jack the Ripper copycat so of course a tour of his killing ground is a must see. Rory’ school, Wexford, is also a five minute walk from Whitechapel Road. 
  • The Ten Bells- at least two of the Ripper victims might have drank here, Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly. In the book, the International Ripper Conference is held here when the copycat gives the famous message “The Name of the Star is what you fear.” 
  • National Gallery- Rory goes here on a field trip looking for the best butts and she sees one of her first ghosts. 
  • Goodwin Court- where Stephen, Boo, and Callum live. 
  • The Underground- Callum uses his sight to rid the Underground of ghosts.