My Tribute to... Heath Ledger!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Today marks the one year anniversary of Heath Ledger's untimely death. I've decided to write this thing about Heath because he's my favorite Australian actor (my American favorite being Johnny Depp and my English favorite being Orlando Bloom!) and because i have to get this out of my system of I'm going to be depressed for a month.

I found out at around four o'clock on this day last year about Heath's death. My best friend in the world called me and said "Heath died." i thought she meant he died as the joker, we had been talking about the movie for ages even though it wouldn't come out 'til July. But she told be he was found in his apartment dead. I thought she was lying and i may have mentioned that and she hung up. That non-existent fight lasted three days (the longest we had ever had, i say non-exsistent because she hadn't hung up on purpose). So, today sucks for a lot of reasons.

I planned on writing a biography on his amazing life but I really can't handle it.

Here's some links to some good websites if you want to read up:

3) and my new favorite- has a tribute page, you can find the link on their site. A girl named Angel wrote a beautiful poem on &posted it on there:

One year that Heath's been gone

His legacy still carrys on

His daughter lives everyday with out him

but also has a great part of him

He is deeply missed by his family and friends

also his fans

God received a beautiful Angel

The day he received you

On this day January 22nd

This day

was way to soon

To all that really knew him

I feel of what your going through

Ignore all the negative that people choose to say

Cause you truly knew this man in many ways

Remember him the way he was

the love for him will never end

He will be there

In your thoughts...

In your dreams...

where ever you go

until the end

and when God takes you home..

May you rest in peace

my darlin Heath

Isn't that just amazing. I almost cried. You rock, Angel!

Heath Ledger has played many people, a patriot, a knight, a cop, a player, a fairy tale fighter, an outlaw, a freaky guy with bad makup a couple of scars and green hair, a skateboarder and many more. But even after seeing all those characters, i love it when he sings!

I'm super excited that he won Best Supporting Actor for the Joker a few weeks ago and Today exactly one year after he died he was nominated for a Oscar!

"The other big surprise of the nominations was the absence of The Dark Knight from any major categories save an expected Best Supporting Actor nod for Heath Ledger (who died exactly one year ago), though the box office hit did get eight nominations in all, mostly in technical categories."-
I'll leave you with this picture of Our Beloved Heath!

Heath Andrew Ledger
April 04, 1979-
January 22, 2008

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