Review: Alcatraz Versus The Scrivener's Bones- Brandon Sanderson

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Here it is as promised my review of Alcatraz the sequel! I read this a couple of weeks ago so its fresh in my mind (kind of).

Title: Alcatraz Versus The Scrivener's Bones
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Summary: The Evil Librarians are still up to their antics and it's up to Alcatraz Smedry to put a stop to it! This second book will take Alcatraz and company on an exploration of the Library of Alexandria, which -- despite Librarian rumors -- was never destroyed. It is a mysterious place and everyone knows that it holds dark secrets. Can Alcatraz, with his talent for breaking things, break into this secret world? Or will the Evil Librarians once again prevail?

My Review: Well, there were no talking dinosaurs in this one, but just as good. It's a sarcastic and snarky read for fans of books like the SoUE by Lemony Snicket or even the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. This is the second book in the series so there's less of the whole introduction stage, we know the main characters now so there's more time for action. And there's a lot of it, action I mean. We learn more about the famous Smedry talents and about Alcatraz's father. The writing is funny and clever, and the plot moves quickly and entertainingly in unexpected directions. But be warned if you get annoyed easily, don't read this or the first one. He interrupts a lot to explain useless things. I think this series is aimed toward young boys, but really if you're a child at heart, you'll adore it.
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(EDIT: I'm classifying this as both YA and Children's Lit because I can't decided which it is)
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