Review: Wherever Nina Lies- Lynn Weingarten

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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This was the first ARC that I've ever received during my reviewing career! Thanks Again, Lynn!!!

Title: Wherever Nina Lies

Author: Lynn Weingarten

Summary: Nina was beautiful, artistic, wild . . . and adored by her younger sister, Ellie. But one day, without any warning, Nina disappeared. Two years later, Ellie can't stop thinking about her sister. Although everyone else has given up hope that Nina will return, Ellie just knows her sister is out there, somewhere. If only Ellie had a clue where to look. And then she gets one, in the form of a mysterious drawing tucked into the pages of a book. Determined to find her sister, Ellie takes off on a crazy, sexy, cross-country road trip with the only person who believes she's got a chance -- her hot, adventurous new crush. Along the way, Ellie finds a few things she wasn't planning on. Like love. Mysteries. Lies. And something far more shocking -- the truth.

My Review: Wow, that's really all I can say. If I decided which books would become classics, this would be at the top of my list. This book has real life in it, it's got cussing, hysterical gay guys, thrills and chills. Any part where Ellie's friend Brad's concerned I found myself laughing so hard, I had serious tears running down my face. At points I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen next, then I'd flipped the page and freaked out because it totally wasn't what I was expecting. I have a tendency to run out of the room I'm reading in and find my mom to tell her what just happened (which I think annoys her sometimes especially if she hasn't read it or she has read it so knows it happens). I did that a lot during this book. I would just look at her and try to explain or express my feelings, but all that would come out where weird sounds. After I was done gasping she'd just say "So...good book?" and I'd nod and run back to keep reading. I can believe this is Lynn Weingarten's first book though. It has amazing writing, I wish I was this good! This book also has great pictures, really visual. This book conveys the lengths that sisters will go to be with each other. It made me wish I had a sister, not that I don't love my big brother, but he's a guy, it's just not the same. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those books that I read a million times!

So what do you think of my first review of a new-ish book? Please Comment!!!
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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to see how the pictures layer into the story!

danie88 said...

great review! i actually just received this book in the mail to review as well! :D

Anonymous said...

i was just assigned this book for summer reading and i wasnt really that excited to read it, but now i hope that it turns as good as you say it is!

Rachael said...

omgawwdd!!! i read the book and i totalllly loved it!! i so know i will read the book again and again!!

rosyy.* said...

I read this book not too long ago and LOVED it <3333