Changes Coming Soon!

Monday, December 27, 2010

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Because 2010 is coming to a close I decided that for the beginning of 2011 I would make some changes here on the blog concerning how my reviews look.

I’m thinking of adding the number of pages the book has, who it was published by, it's release date, possible other books in the series or if it’s a stand alone and if its part of one of my challenges. This will replace my rambling message at the beginning of each review. I’m hoping for a more informative and cleaner look for my reviews. I’m also going to start taking my summaries from because it truly is an amazing site that is easy to use and slightly addicting.
I still have some reviews planned for this year that will still having the ramblings but come January 1st all these changes will take place.

Also, January 2nd is my 2 year blogversary! I can’t believe its already been 2 whole years already! Time flies when you're reading amazing books!

Anyway, Happy New Year’s, readers! I hope yours is a happy one filled with lots of good books.

(Note: I didn't take this picture, but I wish I did; it's so pretty (I found it on Google)).
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